Wednesday, 8 June 2016


There is something I’ve been trying to grasp.
A truth you would have me understand.
From these lessons, with no explanation,
I seek reasons for their being.
And think, there must be a plan,
or else, chaos.

And that is not how you work,
although we know its from inside out.
And we know you make us fools,
despite our thinking we are right,
and you use us then, as broken tools,
meant to confound the wise.

Yes, I’m learning that in your upside-down world,
weak does not mean defective.
Nor does cracked mean I’m far from whole,
but simply that I haven’t shattered;
and I’m actually stronger in my walk with you,
than I truly knew.

Yes, I read today that doubt is
not faith’s opposite, as I thought,
rather it’s an element of our journey to belief,
and precedes the faith that follows it.
If that is true, then I can trust my fears to you,
though all may appear, as lost.

And love, love is made stronger still,
for the strain on its roots. 
And the desert, beyond all appearances,
can bloom as a rose, and springs burst forth
where it appeared there were no water, before.
And dry bones can be revived.

Yes, this is the something I have been trying to grasp.
In the chapel, upon the floor,
and in bed, with the width of miles, between opposing views,
I found you whisper it to me, loud and clear.
It’s just I couldn’t at first believe what you said,
that we could be ‘broken and still whole’.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
March 2016

Piha Beach, Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand

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