Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Nightwatchman

Piha Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

I will wait, I will wait up with you.
I will wait until
the soil is dry,
of the tears that have fallen,
until the sun crests the hill
and the new day is dawning.

I will sit with you in the garden.
If you are awake, I will be too.
I will not slumber while there is
hunger in your soul,
I will stay while 
the night lingers still.

I will keep you company
when the loneliness bears you far
from the presence of others
who cannot follow.
Who cannot know the things
that keep you up at night.

Those things which you feel alone.

But for me.  But for me, who comprehends.
Who understands.
What it is to sit and to grieve,
without the comforts of a friend.
To feel the shadows bearing down
on a cold and barren ground.

Yes, I am the one who has been there before,
the dark night of the soul.
And because of this,
you know that only love for you
led me to the garden’s floor.
And its love for you that moves me still.

So I will wait, I will wait up with you now.
I will wait until
the fear subsides, and
the light that seeks you out,
starts dawning in your heart.
Yes I will wait with you in the dark and lonely night.

And you will rise with me in the light. 

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
April 2016

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