Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand

For a moment,

I gaze at you.
And its as though
the curtains of heaven are pulled aside
to let you through.
As though you bend
down to kiss my upheld brow.
So briefly, that I


struggle to contain your presence,
and frame your memory.
And must keep searching,
all the length
of my days and nights,
for glimpses of you,
alive again,

in my sight.

While I know you are there
in reality,
its just reality has a way
of colouring things grey.
As we live out our existence
in the rush of tomorrows expectations
and today’s claims,

on our time.

But the light
still seeks me out,
rays of silver,
tracing patterns on the floor;
and if I take a moment
and turn and really open my eyes,
I see you, seeing me. 

Living Light.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
June 2016

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