Tuesday, 8 March 2016

His Light

It is a way forward,
this light, however dim,
and even if I can see my way
only one step at a time,
I trust in the guide
who sees fit to shine
His light only where He leads.

And though I pray
for so much more
than what I can see
by His light right now;
I must trust
what He yet hides from me,
as much as what He reveals.

Because He promises.
He promises, that though I doubt
I can yet believe;
can trust in a future
still dimly perceived,
through the misty veil
of hopes and dreams.

I can depend on the fruition
of His promises,
and plans, though they may differ
from all I’ve yet imagined.
They are designed to fit our frames
and not to chaff and hurt
as something ill-planned.

Yes, it’s a way forward,
this light, however dim.
And what matters more,
is not what’s held in store,
but the truth, that He accompanies
His children on their journeying,

and we’re to forsake our crowns, for His.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
March 2016

“…And the light of heaven will shine upon the road ahead of you.”
Job 22:28  
Matai Bay, Northland, New Zealand