Friday, 5 February 2016


We are mosaics, you and I.
Each part designed.
Each piece patterned and coloured,
to blend in to the pieces beside.

We are mosaics, you and I.
All our strengths and flaws,
our light and our shade,
intricately designed.

To make a beautiful, perfect whole.

No we are not meant to hide,
those parts of which we’re shy.
Or which we cannot perceive,
could serve any purpose at all.

For we cannot see the image of ourselves,
which others see revealed.
Yet God has made of us a storybook,
for those around us to read.

Our true purpose, to be real.

Yes, we are mosaics, you and I,
designed to hang in the light.
When all the colours and the patterns merge,
the picture meant is evident.

Mosaics, you and I.
Our beauty not easily defined, by this world.
As each person see in us something different,
for which God has given them eyes.

Our gift, simply to be ourselves,
and reflect the artist’s design.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
January 2016

Okura River, Auckland, New Zealand


  1. Thanks Marla. Yes, I can always see the images before I put the poem together. Sometimes my words capture the imagery and sometimes they don't quite. Glad you can see this:)