Friday, 5 June 2015

Where there is Injury

'Where there is injury, pardon',
St Francis said.

Did he know how hard it is, to truly forgive?
Is it from experience that he spoke to us these words?
Or is it an ideal, too high for us to fully achieve?

And is it possible, I ask myself,
when the ones we must forgive, continue in their ways?

'Where there is hatred, love'.
Love from where?

When the well is empty,
when rebuffs make a sham of our best intents,
when we've spent ourselves on ungrateful hearts...

How do we find resources to give again,
without recompense?

'Where there is despair, hope.'

Perhaps there is nothing that,

we can do to change the lens they look through,
and ultimately how we too are viewed.
But we can choose, to see ourselves in the light of grace,

and let hope remind us of the truth,
that in His view, we are good enough.

'Where there is darkness, light.'
Perhaps the hardest to perceive.

For what if the darkness we see,
that wells up and floods our minds,
is not actually in others, but in us all the time?

Perhaps the gift of the dark,
is to have light shine upon, the areas we've been blind.

'Where there is sadness, joy.'
Perhaps that's the trick to our salvation?

The injuries we need pardoned; the love we need to cover over all our sins;
the hope to show us the way forward, into the light,
that darkness, our old friend, keeps hidden...

Is to give ourselves (though we may crucify ourselves),
permission, to be our own consolation.

Ana Lisa de Jong
June 2015

Long Bay Regional Park, Auckland, New Zealand

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