Thursday, 4 June 2015


A chain of many links,
that strengthens.
And with each gesture
and gift of self,
to become a chain of trust.
Not easily bought, or sold.
But made over long seasons
of developing, enduring love.

The result of
an exchange.
Disclosure met with acceptance,
a soft place to lay our heads,
and burdens down.
A warm room out of the rain.
A place to forget;
and to remember again,
what's truly important.

A mirror for
our best selves;
and gentle absolution
for our sins.
Reflecting our possibilities,
not focusing on our failings.
Showing us our light,
glowing with potential,
that we might shine it into being.

A starting place,
a finishing place;
and wayside in between.
A reminder, an encourager,
a place to rebuild
ourselves again.
An honest voice, and smile:
affirming, and restorative
as medicine.

A gift to give, and receive.
Mutual need, and mutual gain.

Ana Lisa de Jong
June 2015

Auckland, New Zealand

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