Sunday, 10 May 2015

A Mother's Heart

To be a mother
is to sing, to cry, to laugh,
to live
the full breadth
of human emotion.
As arms wide open
and hearts exposed,
our children pull
and dance
on every string.

To be a mother
is to give, to give in,
and to lose.
To deny ourselves
that we might win.
As each gift of self,
each sacrifice given,
inspires the same
in the lives
we're building.

To be a mother
is to remember, to believe,
to not forget,
the dream that birthed in our hearts
at conception.
To remember what we
without doubt,
they could be,
even before we met them.

To be a mother
is to trust, to not let go,
to not give up.
To allow God's heart
to continue to be reflected in us.
To encourage, to enable,
and above all love.
To love when its easy,
and especially
when its hard.

To love as though all
depended on it.
For it does.
As in God's grand plan
he purposely designed us.
So never underestimate
the importance of the role,
and what we uniquely give.
In the end God knows,
and would remind us:

A mother's love
grows a child.

Ana Lisa de Jong
May 2015

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