Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I like to live inside myself.
I make it beautiful there.
I take the dirty washing and make it clean.
I take the shambles and the stumbles
and I put them into order;
learn how to walk purposefully again.

I like to live inside myself,
where I talk to myself in words;
and in pictures.
Remembering beauty is always present,
and love is running through,
our lives like a river runs, constant and true.

I like to live inside myself.
I find there’s always someone there.
I find my truest, clearest self,
who answers back to me,
with words that take me by surprise,
with their sense and clarity.

I like to live inside myself.
It’s a wondrous place to be.
So great in capacity as to contain,
all the beauty of this earth;
all my loves, and my discoveries,
held in memory…

for perpetuity.

Ana Lisa de Jong
February 2015

Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand

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  1. Hi Lisa, thanks for telling me about your book the other day - I will definitely buy one! You have an amazing talent for creating pictures with your words and it is wonderful that you are sharing this with others. Thank you. Joanne Hewlett.