Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I like to live inside myself.
I make it beautiful there.
I take the dirty washing and make it clean.
I take the shambles and the stumbles
and I put them into order;
learn how to walk purposefully again.

I like to live inside myself,
where I talk to myself in words;
and in pictures.
Remembering beauty is always present,
and love is running through,
our lives like a river runs, constant and true.

I like to live inside myself.
I find there’s always someone there.
I find my truest, clearest self,
who answers back to me,
with words that take me by surprise,
with their sense and clarity.

I like to live inside myself.
It’s a wondrous place to be.
So great in capacity as to contain,
all the beauty of this earth;
all my loves, and my discoveries,
held in memory…

for perpetuity.

Ana Lisa de Jong
February 2015

Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


‘God puts the lonely in families’.
To me I understood it to be read, as;
‘He finds a family for the lonely,
(if He wills it)’,
but perhaps on reflection,
that’s not all,
that was meant.

Perhaps as I sit here alone,
longing for a comforting arm,
aching for understanding;
maybe I’ve got it wrong?
Maybe loneliness is a given,
even in the midst of a family’s bonds.

Maybe loneliness should be understood more,
as the catalyst for communion?
For if we are content in our family,
we wouldn’t strive for union,
we wouldn’t desire connection,
with the only One who can contain our longings.

And maybe loneliness is necessary,
to experience and appreciate,
another’s human presence?
Maybe it’s the dance of humanity,
to draw close and depart,
and maybe in the departure, we truly value the other’s heart.

So it’s okay to be lonely in my family,
because God has put me here.
And I know as close as I may feel tomorrow,
the next I’ll feel far away.
But then I’ll know my need for God,
and invite Him in to stay.

And though I may feel lonely in my family,
my family may feel so too.
And with a renewed appreciation of each other’s worth,
we may build a bridge closer still.
Which although it may not hold with permanence,
we will daily rebuild.

Ana Lisa de Jong
February 2015

Mercury Bay, Coromandel, New Zealand

To Lose

Why are we so afraid to lose?
To surrender back to Him what has always been His.
Is it because we think we will not care in this certain way again?

Or is it that we’re afraid there will be a day, 
that we don’t remember them?
And it will then be clear, that it was only for a season.

And why are we so desperate to hold on to a season?
As though Summer won’t write words of love once more on our skin.
As though Winter won’t bring us its silent offerings, as treasures in the darkness.

As though joy won’t cause our heart to skip a beat
as Spring breaks us open, 
and we respond and soften as a child, with pure expectation.

Why are we afraid to lose?
When we must lose to gain.
While each season’s gifts are spent, and running out like rain, through our hands….

a new day’s waiting in the wings.

Ana Lisa de Jong

February 2015

Whangamata, Cormandel Peninsula, New Zealand