Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Some of you are water to parched earth.
Some of you are sunshine to lift the spirit.
Some of you are nourishment to feed my soul.
Some of you are rocks upon which I hold.

Some of you draw from me a future dream.
Some of you I cherish because of where we've been.
Some of you I dance with in the present tense.
While some of you I hold near despite the distance.

But all of you are needed and appreciated.
Like a tree whose growth and survival is dependent,
on the warmth of the sun and the rains nourishment,
so I need you to grow, and in your care flourish.

Ana Lisa de Jong
January 2015

Happy New Year.  Have a wonderful 2015!

Waitawa Regional Park, Kawakawa Bay, Auckland,
New Zealand

Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Let me go.  
Let go of me. 
Let me run far from here.
To a place where I am not necessary.
Where I can be alone,
without expectations;
without the frustrations,
of being here.
Of being everything to all of you,
of being continually emptied.

Let me go.
Let me go,
to a place where I can fill.
Where I can renew and restore.
Where life instead of taking,
gives to me,
more than what it draws.
Where I can breathe and stretch.
Retreat from the world and reconnect.
Not with you all, but with my soul.

There is a voice,
that’s calling me softly.
I don’t know from where,
though it’s not from here.
But from where there’s no noisy needs,
to harass me.
Only peace to shore up
my fragile defences;
and calm,
to soothe my shattered senses.

Let me go.
Let go of me.
it only takes a moment to steal away,
and breathe.
To look up at the sky, so still and calm.
To listen to the birds,
and the rustling leaves.
To feel the cool evening air,
on my cheek.
To become aware of a gentle presence.

For peace is not found if we run away.
Perhaps for a moment,
but it soon dissipates.
Peace is found when we release our burden.
When we accept ourselves,
and realise our boundaries.
When we feel,
the weight of the world on our shoulders,
yet call on Him, from where we stand,
to restore us.

For His peace
is not something we must find,
or run to obtain.
But something we receive,
in our weakness,
and in our dependence, claim.
And if I close my eyes for a moment,
and draw breath.
Peace will come softly,
as sure as His promises.

Ana Lisa de Jong
December 2014

My home village Whenuapai, Auckland, New Zealand

Friday, 26 December 2014

In Your Light

My tears, from where you sit
are not simply translucent on my cheeks;
but rather coloured in your sight,
in every hue of rainbow light.

My mess, from where you sit
the fruitless striving and backwards steps;
appear to sew a pattern of mistakes,
until you turn the tapestry on it’s back.

And in wonder, I see…

My life, from where you sit,
is not all fumbled stiching and fraying threads,
but rather beauty designed with loving intent,
by an artist who weaves together frailty and strength.

My future, from where you sit,
is not coloured by error, but marked out by potential.
The tears that I shed not wasted and hopeless,
but refined and polished to a silver thread.

And I see…

Reflected in your light, the ‘light’ of who I am -
when my life, and its despair;
all its brokenness and tears,
are beheld by you through the eyes of grace.

Ana Lisa de Jong
December 2014

Muriwai Beach, Auckland, New Zealand