Monday, 10 November 2014

Come to Me

Come to me and love me
like the sun rising.
Surprising in its warmth,
it's caress on my skin,
strengthening me within.
Like a plant stretching to the light,
make me want your love,
and reach towards your heights.

Come to me and love me
like the rain falling.
Gently refreshing,
soft upon my fields,
that I may lay there and yield.
Renewed as the parched earth,
make me need your touch,
and fill my thirst.

Come to me and love me
as the moon waxes full.
Held in its light,
reflecting silver rays,
unfolding under its gaze.
Smiling on my knees in tender reverence,
make me open to your love,
in sweet surrender.

Ana Lisa de Jong
November 2014

Bethels Beach, Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand