Sunday, 26 October 2014



My hopes fading,
falling victim to fears.
Fears that hold up a mirror,
and take my pain and enlarge it to claim,
all of the years still ahead.


My dreams stolen,
before they’ve hardly drawn breath.
The way forward, too coloured by the past,
that there seems nothing on which to build,
a new hope, a foundation to last.

So heartbroken…

My optimism is shaken,
taken hostage by doubt.
Until the future I saw as certain to be ours,
fades, until even my faith can’t resurrect,
the hopes of my despairing heart.

So heartbroken

That even your promises
can’t seem to shine their light,
into the crevices, the cracks that
will refuse to mend; while the pressure remains,
while the stresses strain, and the darts hit their mark.


so heartbroken

I fail to understand
that my brokenness is your ministry.
That only your comfort, your tender love
can heal the parts that need your touch,
can ensure the past will not corrupt, the future you would have for us.

So God…

I place my heart in your hands.

Broken and tender.
Bruised and surrendered.
Subdued in your grasp, so that you may use my tears as balm.
To shore up the cracks, that in you I may be intact,
restored to strength once again - in your embrace.

Ana Lisa de Jong
September 2014

Hauraki Gulf, Auckland, New Zealand

Without Love

Without love,
who would I be?
It does more than cover a multitude of sins.

It puts up a mirror.
It shows me the self that, in Him I’ve always been.
The person whom, without love, I could never believe myself to be…

Without His love reminding me,
of the beauty he sees in me.

Without love,
where would I be?
It does so much more than draw me home.

It provides a haven.
A place where I may lay it all down.
A place where my longings are at rest, and my restlessness tamed.

For love gives me a reason to return,
and a need to remain.

Without love,
why would I believe?
It does more than assure me of my right to be His.

It accepts and affirms me.
It seeks me relentlessly.
It says of me, “You are worthy beyond compare, and loved beyond belief.”

And so love then becomes my reason,
and in response to Him, I become His gift.

Without love,
how can I live?
It does more than give me breath.

It takes my heart, from upside-down
and turns it right around.
It takes my eyes, intently fixed, and instead turns them heaven-bound.

Until love then is all I see,
and in love I am found, and set free.

Ana Lisa de Jong
October 2014

Hidden in Him

You are hidden close in Him,
and His life is in you.
His greatness contained in your small frame.
Your life guarded, and in His hand enclosed.

Who would you be, if you could truly believe,
if you could comprehend, what you held inside?
Would you recognise his heart beat in time with yours?
Would you feel, coming like a flood, the fullness of His life?

Who would you be, if you could truly understand,
that He treasures you, like His most dear and precious find?
Each one of us imperfect, fragile, but hemmed in near.
Each one of us, the much desired, much loved, apple of His eye.

You are hidden from shame, sheltered far from pain,
and the unkind glare of a fallen world.
In every need, your defender comes to your aid,
and guarded by His wings, you are kept shielded and secure.

Who is He who both keeps us, and is kept by us?
Who is He who both infuses and envelops us?
If we could allow Him to penetrate, and fill us,
would we then understand that His plan for us is ‘one-ness’?

A return to the Creator, who is both our source and maker.
A return to the home from whence we came.
Back to Him, from whom our DNA originated,
the author of each and every one of our cells.

What does it feel like for us to come home?
To know His life in us, and know by Him our lives are held?
To truly believe there is a haven from our fears,
a retreat to safety, and a God who wants us near.

It feels, it feels like finally knowing…
knowing we are hidden close, at home with Him.
Knowing that His life is inscribed within.
His greatness contained in our small frame, and we in His hands encompassed.

Ana Lisa de Jong
October 2014
Brisbane Botanical Gardens, Brisbane, Australia


The clouds.
I watch them change. 
From pink to purple, to yellow, to silver.
And I notice that,
whatever their hue,
though they may change to grey,
and reflect the sombre shade,
of my heart;
I still see the blue,
behind them still.

And the blue.
The blue remains.
Though the winds blow,
and the clouds skim,
across a sky forever,
in a state of change.
The blue stays true.
Showing us that it’s what’s behind,
not the forefront,
which we must hang on to.

Our feelings.
Simply an artist’s palette.
Every shade of light and dark,
shifting across our days and nights;
determining our view,
shaping our lives.
But even when the sun sets
and darkness draws in cold,
the blue returns when morning dawns,
although it was never gone.

Ana Lisa de Jong
October 2014

Whananaki North, Northland, New Zealand