Sunday, 6 July 2014

Black and Blue

Oh God….

Black and blue, I come to you.
Bruised and empty,
I pray you’ll quench me,
of this thirst for you….

Of this thirst for joy -
For strength, faith
and hope to flow through.

My barren heart,
like a desert parched,
broken, and
in need of you.

For the well is dry.
And I torn in two,
try to stand,

on a foundation
come unglued.

Oh God….

Where are you?
No words left
to call to you.
I can only silently,

Trust in your
endless mercy.
I can only
parched and thirsty…

Plead for rain.
Like the dry and broken land,
without you.

But I know 
you haven’t left me
and your springs
deep, eternal...

Will rise up to renew me.
Fill the well
that’s empty, thirsty,
with a love that can continue…

With a source
that can re-fuel me,
to carry on until

Oh God….

Black and blue, I come to you
Bruised and empty,
praying you’ll
strengthen me.

Shaky on a
broken foundation;
still dependent
on your healing.

Still grasping
for your hand;
to comfort and
enable me,

To hold on, and
not relinquish;
a desperate, hope-driven

of a different ending.

Ana Lisa de Jong
July 2014

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