Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Tender Places

The deeper our need, the further you fill us.
The more we need you, the more you meet us,
at the places most sensitive.

Where we long for you most, we will see you,
When we call out, we will find you there,
even before we take a breath.

We just need to open up, let down our defenses.
To you, who longs to hold us close,
in the places where we’re loneliest.

Where we have been hurt the deepest, you would hollow out our hearts.
In the corners that cannot contain you,
until you’re done your delicate work.

For you hold the knife and the balm,
you cut and soothe, heal and calm, as we,
both baby and patient, lie in your arms.

For there is no escape from life’s hurts,
but there is a remedy, when we are transparent
and allow your Holy Spirit to touch us,

where we are the tenderest.

Ana Lisa de Jong
April 2014

Pakiri Beach, New Zealand

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Way of the Cross

He has risen.
And his way points straight to heaven
Now dead-end roads no longer entrap,
nor mountains fail to mar our vision.

For we have seen the highway to heaven.
From tomb to throne, he shines upon,
the road alight with His victorious presence.
The road which beckons us home.

He has risen.
And we are invited to follow Him.
As we do our earthly problems grow dim,
when viewed in the light of heaven.

And to us who believe he is a well-spring.
Provision for our daily needs,
and mercy to guarantee an eternity.
The water of life freely given.

He has risen.
And yet without His crucifixion,
would we seek to follow him?
Would we know what sacrifice means?

But Christ our King has taken His throne.
Christ our friend leads us on.
His grip firm, as he affirms,
the way of the cross leads home.

Ana Lisa de Jong
April 2014

Taylors Mistake, Christchurch, New Zealand

Friday, 18 April 2014

No Need

There is no need to worry for me.
I find joy and beauty -
in everything.
All that happens, has its purpose.
In everything I derive meaning.

Now as I lie writing on the grass.
I see the hydrangea,
its time has passed.
Its petals once bright, turned to brown.
Its full blown bloom faded now.

Yet at the stem new life begins.
Leaf as green as,
the return of spring.
Nothing is ever truly lost.

Everything in its time is replenished.

Life comes knocking at our door.
Even while on our knees,
no strength to stand tall.
Life quietly

rebuilds and restores.

As with new sap the branch re-springs,
back into shape,
as it once had been.
So we know that life returns anew,

to transfuse us with joy again.

And friendship stands the refiners fire,
bears the strain of winter's grief.
As we are cleansed of impurity
by a God who demands us clean,

love that's born of friendship, will remain.

So there is no need to worry for me.
I search for joy in everything.
Even loss I count as gain.

The treasure of the past never gone -
only re-framed.

Ana Lisa de Jong
April 2014 

Elliott Bay,  Northland