Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Beauty Hunter

I am a beauty hunter.
Desiring to touch, taste and see.
To drink in sunsets
Run through waves
Chase the tail of the moon – and be free.

Beauty beckons to me,
as a siren call from the sea.
The only response to embrace -
nature, creation;
to stand in awe of its immensity,

and bow down before its beauty.

Except my heart, which was made for You
is restless in its search;
As it yearns to touch you,
strives to reach you,
with my worship for this earth.

Yet my soul, which expands,
so wide, with a view of the sea;
Almost feels that heaven,
the essence of all creation, of all eternity,
has visited me…

only, too briefly.

So what to do with a love, I said,
that can’t do with only a fleeting smile,
a touch, or a view.
What to do with a passion,
a constant yearning for more?

This is what I heard you say to me:
“This only do I seek -
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
gaze on the beauty of the Lord…

seek Him”.  And be free.

Ana Lisa de Jong
February 2014

Bland Bay, Northland, New Zealand
(the speck at the end of the beach is me)


  1. Enjoyed this very much.

    1. Thanks Jeff. I appreciate your taking the time to comment.