Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Where I Stand

Lord God, take my worries, take my fears.
Take my sorrows and all my tears.
Replace them with your joy and your peace,
so I may lie at rest,
assured as a child on her Father’s chest.

Lord, the sun shines again, after a passing storm,
and I am reminded that all passes,

except God and my soul stand sure.
I can take comfort in the transitoriness of all things,

because of your constant, enduring love for me.

Lord, joy so often grows at our feet.
While we so focused on looking ahead,

miss the flowers planted with such loving intent,
to bless us where we stand right now -
in your presence.

Lord, we know that you are the great ‘I am’.
And that to find you and your peace we must slow down.
Yes, you precede us and hem us in from behind,
but its where we are right now,
that your blessings are found.

So give me the secret of joy and contentment Lord.
An awareness of you in each breath I breathe.
Racing ahead I must rein myself into submission,
to sit at your feet
and drink deep of your wisdom.

Give me the secret of peace and trust Lord.
Give me the water that sustains me continually.
So I don’t seek that which leaves me thirsty.
Show me that water is still when left undisturbed,
that the peace of our soul depends on harnessing our thoughts to you.

So Lord, take my worries and all my fears.
Take my sorrows and all of my tears.
Take the burdens of the years,
the year that has been, the year to come.
Assure me that you have it all in hand, but that most of all…

You wait for me where I stand.


Ana Lisa de Jong
January 2014

“When the body is kept bustling it becomes fatigued – when the mind is overworked it becomes worried, and worry causes exhaustion.  The nature of water is that it becomes clear when left alone and becomes still when undisturbed.  It is the symbol of heavenly virtue.”

Coatsville, Auckland, New Zealand

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