Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Edge

I stand in my heels at the edge of the year.
An ocean stretches before me in view.
Although I search the horizon’s haze,
I cannot foresee what lies ahead,
and must cast off my shoes.

Tentatively, gingerly, I tip my toes in the year.
The cold surprises and I draw back, preferring the safe and the near.
Cannot I just stay at the edge, I ask.
There’s beauty behind and around - who knows what lies ahead,
and I might leave it behind.

Tenderly, gently, I feel you take hold of my hand.
And assured from your grasp, to the depths of my heart,
I know that you have a plan.
“It’s just cold to start”, you say, “but come venture in,

for I’ll never leave you alone”.

So I take a last fleeting look behind,
cherishing all that’s been.
Knowing part of what lies ahead, its backwards I would prefer to swim.
But with my trust conquering my fear
I find I can take a step in.

Wonder of wonders, its warmth surprising,
I find myself drawn into the sea.
And buoyed by hope, buoyed by joy
I find courage to let go of the familiar shore,
and float in serenity.

The sun casts diamonds of light on the surface around,
and my skin is warmed at its touch.
And in the ocean’s embrace I let go my haste to know it all at once.
As I realise that You are the ocean, You are the year,
and nothing is left to chance.

Ana Lisa de Jong
January 2014

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