Friday, 1 November 2013


If grace is indeed a river,
then it has no end;
except where it flows to the ocean,
where still more of it abounds.
Yet, why do I think of it as
something that can run out,
that can be exhausted
at the first real need?

That there is a limit
to its consumption?
That God is not as generous,
as His Holy Word decrees?

While to others,
He is rich in mercy.
His love and compassion

Like the distant horizon, extending…

into forever.


But for me.

For me, there is a limit
to his favour, to his love.
For if He truly understands,
then He can clearly see my heart.

And that is what I am afraid of.
For the love that he has given me,
has made me afraid of disappointing Him
because how can I ever achieve…

The holiness he requires of me
The righteousness to even come near.
The ability to lift my face,
hold his gaze, and be worthy.

Be worthy, of his kindness.
Be worthy of his love.
Be worthy of a river of reprieve,
let alone an ocean.

An ocean..

of never-ending GRACE.

Whoever has been forgiven little
loves little, his Holy word says.
I cannot fail you, or be forsaken by you.
Help me to understand.

It's in our need you meet us.
In our inadequacy, that you are enough.
Our faithlessness that you are true.
Our humanity that you came, our sin that you perished.

And the holiness He requires of me
was long ago achieved,
by the one whose heart of love for me
once hung upon a tree.

If grace is indeed a river,
then it has no end;
except where it flows to the ocean,
where still more of it abounds.


And your love and compassion never-ending
has never ended for me.
I can never be separated from you,
despite my unbelief.

For your favour and your love
does not depend on what I’ve done,
or the state of my heart.
But on what you’ve given.

What you have sacrificed
in tears of blood,
blood that has made it possible
for me to be good enough.

Lord, I stumble and I fall.
Your way is narrow, but it is life.
Help me to remember when I fall,
it’s into the river, the river of grace.

Whose streams
‘make glad the city of God,
in that holy place
where the most high dwells'.

And the river.
The ‘river of the water of life,
that flows from the throne of God’,
Which without …

Without, we’d be lost.

Ana Lisa de Jong
October 2013

Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

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