Thursday, 12 September 2013

Brother, Sister

If you could hear my prayers.
If you could know my heart.
If I could hear your prayers
and know your heart.

Would we meet somewhere,
and build a bridge to span the gulf that separates?

If words were found
to clothe our naked pain;
and if our tears could speak
of internal battles, lost and won.

Would we appreciate?
Would we finally understand—to our shame.

If our future hopes
were painted as a picture,
through which God’s will
were evidently seen.

Would we see our similarities were greater than our differences?
Would we see that together we share a common dream?

Look into the mirror of each other’s hearts.
What you see there simply an image of your own.
Do not look for fault,
or be too quick to condemn.

It’s in a glass house that you throw these stones.

A house of glass can’t stand
too many hits.
We forget whose house we claim to be.
Peacemakers, promised to the precious cornerstone...

but who would blindly bring the building to its knees.

Trust Him with your grievances,
and your broken hopes.
He is strong enough to weather any storm.
But your brother and sister is your keeper.

We turn on one another at our peril.
We turn on ourselves when we condemn.

We will always find what we look for.
So look for what is good, and true and right;
and the light that shines in the darkness,
will not by this present darkness be put out.

Brother, Sister.

Will you hear my earnest prayer?
And come to know how tender is my heart.
I will hear your prayer,
and seek to know you also…

and together we may turn the page
to a whole start.

Ana Lisa de Jong

Tutukaka, Northland, New Zealand

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  1. This is a beautiful poem offering love, compassion and understanding to others as we all seek our heart's true home and peace in God. Thank you, Ana Lisa :)x