Sunday, 4 August 2013

To Know You

We are made of you.
Each cell infused with mighty life
from an almighty God.

From a seed within,
a plan laid before the dawn of time unfurled.
And we became…

Became a living, breathing
part of you.
Parted from you, on this earth.

And as our body grew
Our hearts knew, that
they did not quite belong…

And yearned for home.
Longing to ‘know’,
the One for whom we were made.


We are made for you.
Each cell holding a promise
of a life lived in your name.

Of knowing our Creator.
As Abba Father, the one
in whom we find our place…

A place that you
Ordained for us
When you laid the earth.

From the moment of
our being, you drew near
and spoke our name.

Speaking words of love,
and whispers of assurance,
to draw us home.

We were made to be loved.
Willed into being,
destined and claimed.

Nothing random about us.
No mistake, or accidental
chance – but planned.

Our life, no matter
how small or insignificant to us,
of great meaning to Him.

We - called into being,
By God the Father,
who longed for still another…
Child to love.
To image him with
the unique beauty that could only belong

to a creation of God.

Ana Lisa de Jong


1 comment:

  1. "A plan laid before the dawn of time unfurled"... so true. Each life has a purpose - God is not a God of accidents :)