Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Learning of Love

If life is not to learn 'of' love,
then what is it for?
If life is not for love to be born in us;
then what then is our purpose?

Yet, in life, we grow, believing we must learn ‘how’ to love.
That love were a skill to gain,
to better and perfect,
until we have finally obtained…

righteousness and worthiness to bear His name.

Yet what if love were in a name?
His holy name. 
And this love, that is being made perfect in us,
were His love: rather than our own.
What if His love were for us ‘first’?
And what if the key
to learn to love
was to, in His love – immerse?

rather than to attain...
What if life were to learn to believe?
To take Him at his word.
That God is love, that we are loved
and as His children - cherished, adored.
That to lift our heads in the face of such love,
is to be encouraged, renewed, restored…
To our place in Christ,
that our Father would have us fill,

and that Jesus calls us to.

No need for works to reach this place.
Faith makes a way.
Jesus said "it is finished";
and love fulfilled the law.

Love becomes the consequence of our faith,
A gift from God to an open heart.
Love becomes a way of living,
as its the language of His grace...

and reveals in us, His light.
And it is our certainty of His love
That teaches us courage, hope and trust.
It is the deepening knowledge of His love
that draws us to love him, and others.

It is the glory of the risen Christ
reflected in our life:
whose face we gaze upon,
and thereby grow in likeness, to love…

with the love,

in which we first were loved.

Ana Lisa de Jong

Kaipara Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand

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