Friday, 19 July 2013

There is an Ocean

We, so small and plain
and self-contained,
we live lives full of
petty concerns, and selfish gain.

We, all wound up and tight
and self-absorbed,
we draw up the drawbridge,
and pull shut the door.

With our concern for self
we become confined,
we narrow our world,
until there's only room for one.

With our focus drawn in
we are cut off from Him,
the source of our joy, our power,
our love, our very fulfillment.

Open wide, open up.
There is an ocean at your door.
There is a river that through you would flow.
Behind you is the author of it all.

His is the strength that propels,
His the love that heals,
His the song that delights our heart,
His the touch that soothes.

His the deep contentment,
His the answer to our questions,
His the almighty provision,
His the balm to our wounds.

As heaven is high, and the earth is wide
so we can uncoil;
grow up like a seedling to the sun,
and in his warmth feel our hearts thaw.

We, so small and plain,
and self-contained.
We, who live lives of fruitless striving,
and senseless pain.

We, all wound up and tight
and self-absorbed;
we can open to his touch,
Fling wide the door.

And as we do so we can breathe.
Now what others think no longer matters.
Our fears haven't power to haunt,
our illusions shatter.

Sons and daughters of a higher power,
adopted in his Kingdom;
we finally sense from whom we've come,
whose love is entwined through every living thing.

We can reach out and connect,
without plans or agendas.
We can in freedom relate and trust,
and to his will we surrender.

We can love and be loved,
and as bearers of his light;
we can know the beauty of giving and receiving,
for naught but His delight.

Open wide, open up.
There is an ocean at your door.
There is a river that through you would flow.
Behind you is the author of it all.

Ana Lisa de Jong

"Oh Lord, Our God, the majesty and glory of your name fills the earth, and overflows the heavens."
Psalm 8:1

He is as faultless as heaven is high - but who are you?  His mind is fathomless - what can you know in comparison.  His spirit is broader than the earth, and wider than the sea."
Job 11:7-9

"It is God's privilege to conceal things...  you cannot understand the height of heaven, the size of the earth."
Prov 25:2-3

"Like a giant oak covered in apple blossoms is the vast man in you.  His might binds you to the earth, his fragrance lifts you into space, and in his durability you are deathless."
Kahil Gilbran

"When we finally give up the struggle to find fulfillment outside of ourselves, we have no-where to go but within.  At this moment of surrender, light dawns.  We expect to hit rock bottom, but instead we fall through a trapdoor to a bright new world."
Shakti Gawain

Waikawau Bay, Coromandel, New Zealand

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