Sunday, 7 July 2013


Alida, lovely Alida

I wanted to name my daughter after you;
But when my daughter graced this earth
it was you who named her.
Dancing Natasha
You called her, and she danced;
and laughed for you.

We all responded to you,
like moths drawn to the light;
like sunshine after rain.

You - so generous of spirit.

Alida, lovely Alida

I’ve known you since I was young.
You welcomed me, never judged me,
only loved me because I loved your son.
Joy and happiness was all you ever gave.
Even your cancer you didn’t tell us of;
to protect our wedding day.

So many memories.
But your smile is what will remain.
In my mind’s eye, and heart;
You will live and stay on.

Alida, lovely Alida

We will look for you -
in the rising of the sun,
and the new buds
opening in spring.

We will look for you -
in the butterfly,
in the peace of a starlit night,
in birds on the wing.

You are now free, and at peace.
And although we
lose you, we don’t lose
what you gave.

And we know where you are ;
And we trust who you’re with;
And we will follow you one day.

Ana Lisa de Jong
To my Mother-in-Law Alida Cornelia Geetuida de Jong (nee Tetteroo)


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  1. Wow, just wow. This poem is so beautifully written and heartfelt. I love your use of imagery. Such a pure poem. I truly feel honoured to have read it :) Vuong.