Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lord of the Lambs

Oh Lord of the Lambs
Shepherd of your flock…
We wander lost and you find us
When we stray we are pulled back
When we are weary you carry us
And when we tarry behind, you wait.

When we hunger you lead us to pastures new
When we are thirsty you source for us a stream
When we sleep you keep watch nearby
When we fall sick you seek a remedy.

Your paths are not too rough for us
Your way is never too steep.
You chart the path ahead,
and test the waters are not too deep.

When we trip you pick us up
When we are injured you bind us
For the young, the old, and careless you look out
Alert to the dangers that surround us.

Your pick the burrs from our dirty coats
And the muck you cleanse all away
To you we go for comfort and strength
At peace in your strong arms we lay.

The night does not hold any anxiety
Nor do we fear the dangers of the day
In you we blindly trust and follow
As your sheep we know no other way…

Than to be taught by you our teacher
To be led on by our leader and guide.
To know the provision of our Heavenly Father
To be held safe by our Shepherd God.

Oh Lord of the Lambs, Shepherd of your flock
We thank you that we need know no terror.
That we can walk in safety and serenity
Our very lives in your hands, precious and secure.
Oh Lord of the Lambs, Shepherd of your flock
You lead us on to fields unknown
Via paths that reach beyond us to the horizon
To bring us ultimately, safely home.


Thank you Lord Jesus.

Ana Lisa de Jong

Pakiri Beach, New Zealand

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