Tuesday, 9 April 2013

For a friend

'I came for those who are sick' he said,
and so this is my prayer, my friend.
My prayer to Him who came, and
who still comes with open hands...


Hope for the fearful and hurting,
comfort for broken hearts,
release for the burdened and captive,
and peace for the lonely path.

My friend, you don't want to hear cliches.
but I want you to know how I care.
Oh, if I could cast out that cancer
with my words - a thousand I'd share.

But 'the well don't need a doctor',
and it's not for the 'well' he came.
He came precisely for your need, this moment,
and in prayer I bring you to Him.

I ask for His healing power,
the power that formed the world,
to restore in you what has been stolen,
to knit you together anew.

For physical healing I pray, but
I know he has more for you. 
That we become stronger in the broken places,
and that a heart bound together by Him...

Will always depend on his provision,
will know its strength will not hold,
without keeping in union with the Healer,
without trusting in the providence of God.

Who brings;

Beauty for the burnt out,
Joy for those who mourn,
Praise for the heavyhearted,
For the suffering, a reward...

An everlasting covenant,
a double portion of joy,
righteousness borne as a robe,
and what was ruined restored.

My friend, Isaiah 61
is all I can point you to.
That and every word he's ever spoken,
every promise that stands true.

Every promise that was declared,
He whispered just for you.
So let him hold you, let him heal you.
Trust him to guide you through.

Lisa de Jong

Isaiah 61:1-11

St Marks Chapel, RNZAF Base Ohakea, New Zealand


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